2-Axis Depth Gauge


Designed by Valfor Tools, the 2-Axis Depth Gauge is a beautifully finished measuring gauge, primarily aimed at router table usage.

Additional functionalities concern the table saw where it can be used to record blade height, or the drill press, to measure very precisely the distance between drill bit and fence, for example.


The uniqueness of this tool is found in the innovative way the feet can be twisted.

In combination with their offset mounting, twisting the feet allows the central pin to reach outside the usual tangent of the tool.

2-Axis Depth Gauge

A second feature is that the tool can be used horizontally, i.e. laid flat on the table surface.

Thus, the exact measuring height of the pin can be maintained by twisting the feet.

This is particularly useful when measuring a router bit’s position at a precise point on a router bit.
With the tool’s legs resting flat on the table surface, the pin remains stable and exactly horizontal.

2-Axis Depth Gauge

The tool is executed in a combination of high quality plastic (the body) and anodized aluminum extrusion (the feet), in a color scheme matching the GrooveCenter.


The pin, marked in both directions, is made of satin chrome finished brass, and therefore safe for carbide cutters of router bits or saw blades.
One end of the pin is cut off straight, while the other end has a knife-edge, which is useful for precisely “aimed” measurements.

To further assist precise set-up, the pin’s diameter is exactly 0.245”, or a hair less than ¼”. This means it will fit, for example, in between the two cutters of a Tongue router bit (of a Tongue & Groove set), which will greatly facilitate set-up of the Groove.

$ 49.95