The Valfor Tools Router Bit Vise is especially designed to hold your router bit for cleaning or changing any parts.

The Bit Vise is made of high quality Stainless Steel, precision machined to accept router bits without causing any damage to their shanks. There are two holes: 1/2″ and 12mm diameter. Other shank sizes can be accomodated using a reducer collet.

The Stainless Steel is hard but allows just enough flex to grip the router bit’s shank firmly when the bolt is tightened.

Tightening the nut of a stacked router bit requires substantial torque. Using the router collet itself for this puts a lot of strain on the spindle lock.  A bit that slips in the collet may cause damage to the router bit shank and the collet.
A damaged shank will destroy the router bit, as it will never fit properly in the collet again. At best it will no longer run true, at worst it will be thrown loose.

Fixing the router bit in the Bit Vise will leave both hands free and will facilitate much better visual inspection.
Working on the router bit away from the router eliminates the risk of dropping any small parts into the router’s cooling vents.

Any router bit needs a proper cleaning from time to time. Spraying on a cleaning agent can be a messy affair best not done over an exposed router motor.
Using the Bit Vise to hold the router bit, leaves both hands free for spray bottles and brushes and allows a much better close up inspection of the result.

For more informations please refer to this page: How to use the Bit Vise

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